Termites are a destructive pest found throughout the U.S. They can cause thousands of dollars in damage before you even know they are there. Look for signs of termites before the infestation becomes severe. Here are four things to watch for.

Visible Damage is Among the First Signs of Termites

Termites are known for eating wood, but they will eat paper and cardboard as well. This includes the paper backing on drywall, so one of the early signs of termites could be chipped or peeling paint. You may dismiss this damage as just a sign of an aging home, but with a little investigation, you might find that the paper backing was eaten by termites.

Signs of Termites Found in a Home Inspection

Termites tend to stay out of view by building their tunnels in the dark and isolated parts of your home. This is why so many infestations go unnoticed until they’re severe.

A WDI inspector will examine crawlspaces, foundations, basements, and other remote locations to find signs of termites. The inspector’s report will identify probable sites of termite problems based on these observations.

Swarming Adult Termites

The one exception to the private nature of termites is their spring swarming. Winged adult termites will emerge to look for a location to begin a new colony.

Because most people don’t think of termites as winged, these swarms are often a surprising sign. It is important to know what type of insects you are seeing. Winged ants are very similar to winged termites, so learn the differences and you’ll know which of these you are dealing with.

Mud Tunnels are Signs of Termites

Termites stay inside wood for a good reason, because they need dark, moist places to survive. One of the easiest signs of termites to detect is the mud tunnels they build on foundations and basement walls. The termites construct dirt tubes from one source of wood to another so that their bodies will not dry out as they look for food. These tubes are a sure sign of an infestation, so call a WDI inspector to investigate further if you see them.

By the time door frames are crumbling or paint is falling off the walls, the damage from termites is already extensive. Home inspections help catch termite infestations early. This gives homeowners a chance to take action and minimize damage.

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