When you’re building a brand new home, you expect the finished house to be in great condition. Unfortunately, with the number of workers on the job, mistakes can happen. Here are a few reasons to order a home inspection on new construction.

Your Builder May Not Notice Mistakes

Your builder basically oversees the construction of the home. He or she will hire subcontractors to complete various parts of the project. There will be roofers, framers, electricians, painters, and plumbers on site.

One small mistake in construction or using defective materials could lead to a serious issue in the future. With so many teams contributing to the build, it is impossible for the builder to monitor every aspect of construction.

An Inspector Knows What to Look For

A home inspector is a trained professional who you can hire to examine your property. Their knowledge of components and household systems gives them the skills to assess the condition of your newly-built home.

After the inspection, your inspector will provide a report that includes details of his or her findings. You can then use this information to discuss any concerns about the property with your builder.

An Inspection on New Construction Examines All Components

Local code inspectors will visit the property to verify it meets minimum requirements. The code inspector only needs to make sure the home is habitable.

By comparison, your home inspector will do an assessment of the entire house. He or she will examine the foundation, HVAC system, roof, electrical components, grading and drainage, and all other systems to make sure everything is functioning properly and safely.

Save Money with a Home Inspection on New Construction

Your new home is a big investment and no new homeowner wants to spend more money on repairs shortly after move-in. Hire a home inspector for peace of mind that the property is well-built, safe, and ready to house your family. When you discover defects before you move in, you can hold the builder responsible for making any needed repairs.

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