4 Tips for Moving to a New State

Moving Family

If you’ve decided to relocate to another state, it can be daunting to know how to prepare for the move. Moving across state lines requires more planning and resources than a move within the same town. Here are a few important tips to follow when you are moving to a new state.

1. Visit Before Moving to a New State

Whether you’ve accepted a job offer or are relocating to be closer to family, visit the location in advance to familiarize yourself with the area. If you have kids, check out the schools in your new district. Look at the real estate market to get an idea of how much homes are going for in the city where you’d like to live.

2. Determine Your Budget

It’s important to understand the cost involved in transporting your belongings to another state. Contact moving companies early for quotes. Will you hire movers to do the work for you or do you plan to move everything yourself with a rental truck? If you do all of the work yourself, you’ll still have to purchase packing supplies, shipping containers, and fuel.

Transportation is another expense related to an out-of-state move. Depending on how far you’re traveling, it may be best to fly there. If you have cars, you’ll need to make plans to either drive each vehicle or have them transported by a professional moving company, which can be expensive.

3. Make a Packing Plan When Moving to New State

When you’re preparing for a move, create a system for packing your belongings. Pack all of the non-essential items first and color-code each box to make sure you can find what you need while unpacking. Pack the essentials last and put them in clear tubs so you’ll have immediate access to what you need once you’re in the new home.

4. Forward Your Mail

Fill out a form to forward your mail at your local post office. This way, you’ll continue to receive everything after moving to a new state. Schedule the shut-off of your utilities at your old home and establish services at your new address ahead of your move.

Understanding the costs, steps, and requirements to move to a new state is essential before getting started. Make a plan for your move and enlist the help of family and friends so the process will go smoothly.

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