You’ve worked hard to keep your curb appeal up all summer long, and now that the season is changing, you don’t want to lose it. You’ll need to adjust to the cooler weather and its effect on your home’s exterior. Follow these tips for fall curb appeal.

Replace Summer Flowers With Hardy Fall Blooms

If you planted annuals that bloomed over the spring and summer, they have likely wilted now that cooler weather is here. Plant fall flowers like asters, mums, and pansies. These colorful plants love cool weather and will continue to bloom well into autumn.

Spruce Up the Front Door

Your front door can make a bold statement on your home. Autumn colors like red and yellow are popular shades to paint a front door. A brightly-colored front door boosts fall curb appeal. In fact, a bold door makes your home look more inviting at any time of year. Add new hardware to the door, like a shiny knocker and kickplate. Place a pumpkin on either side of the door for a festive touch.

Decorate the Mailbox for Fall Curb Appeal

For most houses, the mailbox is the first thing that is visible from the street. A dented, rusting, and drab mailbox brings down the curb appeal of your whole property. Fall is a good time to evaluate whether your mailbox could use some improving. Maybe it just needs a new paint job and for the address numbers to be replaced. You could create a stone border around the base of the mailbox and plant some of the fall flowers mentioned above. You could even add a pumpkin or hang a fall decoration from it. If your mailbox is in really rough shape, replace the whole thing.

Pressure Wash the Driveway

When leaves start to cover your paved driveway in autumn, they get stuck to it and leave marks as they decompose. To improve your fall curb appeal, rent a pressure washer a few times throughout the season to clean the driveway of debris from leaves. While you have it, wash the sidewalks, deck, and patio.

Fall Curb Appeal Requires Raking Leaves

Raking leaves is one of the most time-consuming chores of the season, but it is important for fall curb appeal. Your grass will be healthier if leaves are not covering it, blocking the sunlight. Rake up the leaves that have fallen on your lawn regularly. Leaves make great compost material, so throw them in your compost pile. Your grass will stay green for longer if you keep the leaves raked throughout the fall.

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